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Seasonally decorated - photo competition

In our “Seasonally decorated” section we award prizes to the best customer photo of the season four times a year. Take part and win two of our motif sets of your choice.

This is how easy it is to take part in the competition:

  1. Take photos of your decorated window. Please use landscape format for your recording and send the file in the best quality.
  2. Email us your photo to and give us your first and/or last name as well as your place of residence (or canton).

Our jury will select the best photo of the season from your submissions. Your winning photo will be featured in our “Seasonally Decorated” section. The deadline for entries is as follows: Spring: March 15th / Summer: June 15th / Fall: September 15th / Winter: December 15th. By participating in this competition, you agree that your photo may be published on, on Facebook and/or on Instagram, and used in one of our newsletters. We reserve the right to use your photo, even if you did not win the competition. The winning photo will be published together with the name (first and last name) and place of residence (or canton of residence). We do not correspond about the tournament.

Your windows, redefined with

Window decoration at the highest level with GECKO IN THE BOX: Self-adhesive and reusable!

Effortless & Effective

It's that easy

It's very easy: simply attach the GECKO IN THE BOX parts to your window glass and press them lightly with your fingers. Very simple – without liquid, without glue, and without much effort. Our decorative elements adhere adhesively to glass thanks to their silicone carrier and can be removed and repositioned at any time if necessary. As often as you like.

Cleaning made easy

Would you like to clean your windows? Simply remove the GECKO IN THE BOX parts and then place them again. No problem! If the adhesive strength weakens somewhat due to frequent use, simply wash the parts with a little soap under running water. Let them dry briefly and they are ready to use again.

Quality from tradition

GECKO IN THE BOX comes from the creative forge of Création Baumann, a leading Swiss company known for its innovative and high-quality textiles. GECKO has received numerous awards, including the Swiss Textile Design Award and the red dot design award.

Let your imagination run wild

With GECKO IN THE BOX we give your window a new coat of paint. Our adhesive textiles are easy to attach to interior glass surfaces and can be combined individually. Whether as a privacy screen or as a seasonal decoration – you are guaranteed to find the right thing in our diverse selection. And if you're looking for a unique gift, look no further than GECKO IN THE BOX.

Easy to use the GECKO IN THE BOX motifs

Our designs are not only eye-catching, but also user-friendly. Test it yourself and be amazed by the simplicity and effect.